From I.L.Ballesteros:

“I, as European Commission coordinator of the European Hackathon, wants to welcome you and University "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola as partner of this amazing joint endeavour to save lives in Europe by fighting together against coronavirus. We need that you spread the word about the hackathon and we will announce on Sunday 26 in the closing ceremony who has been the 3 partners more active in dissemination of the #EuvsVirus.

Our main purpose is to turn the best European ideas into actual solutions. That is why we have designed the hackathon in a very special way:

1.     To reach out to the whole EU to collect the best ideas,

2.     To provide follow up to the winners of the different categories.

We need your help on the first point (reaching out to the whole collect to collect the best ideas). We need that you mobilise all your communication channels and encourage everybody willing to help to participate. This hackathon is a civil society hackathon. Any one can participate. No need for special technical knowledge. If someone wants to help to fight coronavirus, the person should register. They can register either as individuals or as teams. If they register as individuals, they can join a team within the tool that we are providing.

To help you with the dissemination activities, we have prepared the media kitYou can find in here the following information:

1.     Media links to our pages in Facebook, Linkedin, twitters, instagram, Youtube, Devpost.

2.     Suggestions about what to do on Social media

3.     Hashtags to use and share

4.     Press releases issued by the European Commission

5.     Videos and visual that can be used by you as marketing materials

6.     Content sugestions for your messages to the media

On Sunday at 18:00 we will announced who have been the top three partners in terms of supporting this joint EU projects. Please be active and disseminate the hackathon!!

If you have any question, please send it to the functional mailbox created for this purpose: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We need your help! Disseminate the Hackathon and you can become the winner of the competition to be the most supportive partner of #EUvsVirus“.


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